Instructor, Genetics

Job Description

Instructor, Genetics The United Arab Emirates University invites applications for an Instructor position to participate in research, teaching and administrative activities in the genomics molecular diagnostic laboratory based at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences. Main duties include - Organize, carry out and assist in teaching genetics practical’s , wet lab techniques for Postgraduate students. - Training graduate and undergraduate students and conducting or training others in the conduct of research projects, wet lab, data collection, data management, grant management and the preparation of initial manuscripts, grants and other outputs, contributing significantly to the research output of the University. involved with the day-to-day running of the research laboratory. - Conduct and execute various research experiments. - Perform necessary data analysis, including the statistical analysis, and be involved in interpretation and communication of main results and their preparation for publication and future research grants. - Carry out administrative and management work associated with laboratory organization and functioning and research, grants and publications

Minimum Qualifacation

PhD. degree in a relevant discipline

Preferred Qualifacation

PhD in Genetics

Excpected Skills

Minimum 2-4 years in academic or research institution setting and/or in the relevant scientific field.

Close Date

Open until filled