UH, Admission and Registration

Job Description

• Awareness of relevant concepts and practices in statistics, databases, and information management • advanced knowledge and skills in management and organization of databases and registries • Skills in handling admissions in context of medical education • Information and communication technology competency including advanced computing skills • Skills in statistical analysis including software applications • Analytical skills in report preparation and writing including • Effective communication and coordination skills • Effective interpersonal and teamwork skills • Management competencies including organizational abilities and supervision skills. Recommended training courses • Training in admissions management • Training in ICT and electronic databases

Minimum Qualifacation

• Bachelor’s Degree in information technology, humanities, or related subjects • Postgraduate degree/certificate in statistics, information technology or management studies

Preferred Qualifacation

As above

Excpected Skills

• At least 5 years’ experience in admissions and registration preferably in context of medical education • Experience in managing and monitoring electronic databases and registries

Close Date


Application Closed