Lab specialist (Aerospace Structure, Material, and Manufacturing)

Job Description

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the UAE University is currently seeking a lab specialist to join our team in the Aerospace field, with a primary focus on aerospace structure, material, manufacturing and related areas. This role is instrumental in supporting cutting-edge research and education in the department. As Lab Specialists, your role will encompass the following key responsibilities:  Prepare all materials (lab equipment, consumable, and etc) for laboratory sessions.  Research, prepare tender materials, order, and setup/coordinate commission of new equipment.  Setup, maintaining, and calibrate equipment according to vendor’s or international standard  Ensure proper operation of all equipment operate by performing preventive, and corrective maintenance.  Plan, order, and keep track of consumables.  Assist faculty, and students in courses relevant to the laboratory.  Enforce university’s HS standards for all activities related to the laboratories.  Monitor and maintain an organized, clean and safe working environment in lab and ensure compliance with work legal, health and safety standards.  Enforce laboratory safety regulations.  Prepare, explain and perform practical experiments to students in courses related to the lab.  Preparing laboratory manuals and standard laboratory procedures under faculty supervision.  Setup equipment for each laboratory session in coordination with laboratory instructor.  Supervise and assist students working in projects such as, but are not limited to, GPs, SUREs, and etc.  Assist faculty and graduate students working in research projects, graduate thesis projects, and etc.  Monitor, and control access to and use of all departmental laboratories and equipment.  Train students, researchers and faculties to use machines, instruments, and equipment as needed.  Provide technical support for students and researchers in designing and manufacturing for course and research projects.  Conduct Safety Induction for first-time users of various Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department laboratories.  Purchase all lab needs and coordinate for spare parts or maintenance needs with the equipment supplier.  Proctoring of Undergraduate and Graduate level examinations.  Advise students on their study plans using DegreeWorks.  For candidates with Masters degree, conduct teaching sessions. English is the language of instruction and communication. Screening of applications will continue until the position is filled.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, or a closely related area.

Preferred Qualification

Master’s degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering, or a related field.

Expected Skills

 Knowledge of aerospace structure, material, and manufacturing, particularly in an educational or research laboratory setting.  Demonstrated skills in assembly, operation, and maintenance of related equipment.  Strong capability in providing effective training, guidance, and mentorship to students and research staff.  Excellent organizational skills, with a focus on maintaining a safe and efficient laboratory environment.  Strong communication and interpersonal abilities, fostering collaborative relationships with faculty, researchers, and students.  Skill in troubleshooting and maintaining complex aerospace-related electronic systems.

Special Instructions to Applicant

Submit the following via the University's career site ( for full consideration:• Cover letter detailing qualifications and e

Close Date     Kindly apply before the closing date.