Research Assistant (Structural Engineering)

Job Description

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the United Arab Emirates University is seeking a research assistant in Structural Engineering. The research assistant should be knowledgeable of construction material characterization tests, structural design, and retrofitting with fiber-reinforced materials and systems. The candidate should be able to synthesize sustainable construction materials in the laboratory, design and implement structural retrofitting solutions, and conduct experimental testing for characterization, performance evaluation and verification. The candidate should have the ability to develop experience in numerical analysis, analytical modeling, and laboratory testing of materials and structural members. The preferred candidate should have a master’s degree in structural engineering or a closely related civil engineering field.

Minimum Qualification

A master’s degree in civil engineering supplemented with documented evidence to support the following: • Ability to synthesize and characterize sustainable construction materials • Ability to design and apply structural retrofitting solutions using fiber-reinforced composite materials • Skilled in data analysis, technical writing, and reporting

Preferred Qualification

• Experience in writing and publishing technical papers • Experience in preparing research proposals • Experience in materials characterization and structural testing • Ability to work independently among a group • Demonstrable initiative, commitment, and dedication in executing the role • Adaptability and flexibility to changes associated with research demands • Commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace

Close Date     Kindly apply before the closing date.