Educational Behavior Specialist I

Job Description

Conduct appropriate psychological tests and assessments for exceptional children, provide recommendations and psychological consultations, interpret, and analyze strengths and weaknesses, provide recommendations, developing treatment plans, focusing on improving the quality of life for children with exceptionality, work with parents, work with a multidisciplinary team at the Mouza Bint Suhail Center for Exceptional Children to meet the needs of each child individually. Specialized tasks Ability to administer psychological tests and IQ tests for exceptional children. Conducting interviews, studying cases scientifically, and writing educational reports with recommendations for each case. Work closely with the Specialists from the Therapy Units providing specific assessments, implementing specific intervention strategies, and discuss with them the Progress and Interventions Adaptations. Ability to analyze assessment results and work with the team to develop and communicate the most optimal therapeutic strategies for various cases. Providing psychological and educational consultations to parents and the local community.

Minimum Qualification

- Bachelor's degree in Psychology or Special Education .

Preferred Qualification

A Master's or Doctorate in Special Education or Psychology is preferred. - license from local authority

Expected Skills

Experience of at least 5 years in assessment and diagnosing individuals with special needs.

Close Date     Kindly apply before the closing date.