Speech and language Specialist I

Job Description

Providing speech therapy services for cases enrolled in Mouza Bint Suhail Center for exceptional children, preparing treatment plans and sessions for all cases based on their needs, while providing support and counseling to their parents and the local community Specialized tasks Comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of incoming conditions in terms of language development, speech disorders and defects. Conducting standard tests for detecting, diagnosing, and analyzing speech disorders, using medical tools and tongue compressors to observe the muscles of the face, lips, and tongue, and modify the pronunciation of certain letters. Cooperation with parents and guiding them to the best ways to deal and communicate with their children. Develop and implement treatment plans in the field of language, speech and communication and write a comprehensive report on the situation. Follow-up problems of language, speech and communication disorders in different cases or any case referred to the center. Using the latest technology to treat diverted conditions such as airflow therapy, speech rhythm, mask, and voice control to improve the progress of the patient's condition. Follow therapeutic methodologies, including the treatment of tongue fluency formation, to help stuttering disease by controlling breathing to speak fluently and controlling expression in speech.

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor's degree in Speech or Language and Speech Disorders or equivalent in a similar discipline. • Licensed by the Health Authority.

Preferred Qualification

• Master in Speech or Language and Speech Disorders or equivalent in a similar discipline.

Expected Skills

• 4 years’ experience in the field

Close Date     Kindly apply before the closing date.