Occupational Therapy Specialist I

Job Description

Enriching and developing the cognitive, perceptual, sensory and/or motor abilities and skills of exceptional children and enabling them to practice jobs related to learning and life activities with the greatest possible independence and developing and enriching performance. Specialized tasks Preparing Intervention and enrichment plans and implementing them according to the need of the case in cooperation with the supporting team to elevate the variance case levels. Developing individual skills in cognitive, sensory, self-care, and pre-academic skills, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each case and opportunities for improvement and enrichment, while providing the necessary support. Cooperating with parents and guiding them on how to deal and communicate with their children effectively. Evaluating the individual intervention for each case in coordination with the center’s multidisciplinary team Employing educational techniques and devices that contribute to improving performance and developing skills Design strategies that meet sensory, cognitive, and motor requirements, such as using sensory rooms

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor's degree in Special Education or Occupational Therapy -

Preferred Qualification

Master's degree in Special Education or Occupational Therapy preferred

Expected Skills

5 years’ experience in the same field

Close Date     Kindly apply before the closing date.