Service Assistant

Job Description

The Service Assistant will be responsible for overseeing front desk operations, managing incoming calls and visitor interactions, coordinating deliveries, and ensuring the orderly maintenance of inventory Specialized Tasks: Ensure a positive and welcoming experience for visitors and callers and direct or assist them to their destinations Ensure timely and secure execution of deliveries with a focus on maintaining on-time delivery rate and proper documentation. Implement an efficient inventory management system, conducting regular audits and promptly updating records. Facilitate effective internal communication by promptly relaying messages or documents to the respective departments Uphold a neat and organized front office and storage area, conducting weekly checks to ensure cleanliness and orderliness

Minimum Qualification

Diploma in Management or an equivalent in a related field,

Preferred Qualification

Master in Management or Equivalent field

Expected Skills

a minimum of two years of administrative work experience."

Close Date     Kindly apply before the closing date.